Surprise Surprise Surprise

The first surprise was another bountiful collection of coins from Superspar Knysna, for the second collection nearly R 400.00.  The second surprise was a R 50.00 note in the bin at Woodmill Lane, and the third was the best, a note for € 50.00 that’s right 50 Euro in the bin at 34° South.  At an exchange rate of 14 to 1 That’s R 700.00.

Our sincere thanks to the donor for the € 50.00.  A further word of thanks to those residents that brought collections of coins to the bins.  We know collections were deposited because of all the old 1c, and 2c coins that are in the mix.

Can’t wait to see what Nelspruit did for the first month with their bin at the Lowvelder.  Hope they get more businesses to participate as hosts for the bins.

50 Euro

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