Well we have just banked another R 1 380.00 and paid R 1 000.00 to Epap.  See pictures below. The coins deposited weighed 17.8 kilogram and that prompted me to to extend the following invitation to the residents of Knysna.

Why not weigh that container of coins you have at home and then deposit the coins and the weight slip, with your name and contact details, into one of the bins in town.  At the end of March we will take the person that deposited the  heaviest collection of coins to dinner. See   FIND A BIN for the list of bins in Knysna and Sedgefield. You can also take a photograph of the container with the coins in it and email that photograph to me.

Ten Mini Bins are about to go into action in Nelspruit and it would be a shame if Nelspruit outperformed Knysna.

As winter approaches there are people who will need blankets and warm clothing and the coins you have in that container could make a huge difference to the lives of those people. So may containers of coins. So many bins at your disposal. So many opportunities to be part of Amazing Change.

Deposit 2017.02.28

  Beneficiary name Beneficiary reference   Amount Date   
  EPAP PROJECT HELP CENT-RE   R 1,000.00 2017-02-28
    R 1,000.00

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