An Amazing Week for Amazing Change

What an incredible surprise to empty the bin at the Sedgefield office of Visitknysna / K&P. The heap of coins and the notes solicited exclamations from the staff and visitors.  When sorted for banking the total was just over R 500.00.

Well done to all the residents of Sedgefield.  This puts Knysna to shame. What is significant is the fact that we haven’t even scratched the surface of the mother lode, the Billions of coins that are lying dormant in containers across the country.

There are millions of people like Ian Flemming and Martin Young that jumped at the opportunity to put the coins they where hoarding to good use.  Epap will be happy to get a further R 1 000.00 to feed the children, but what if everybody brought their coins and we could build homes and look after the elderly.

The Superspar bin is a winner and this week collected another R 300.00.  Thanks again to Superspar and all the Superspar shoppers that put coins in the bin. Not to mention the notes, two R 20.00,s and a R 10.00.

The ten Mini bins in Nelspruit are about to be placed and then the race is really on to see which town will be the top of the pops.

Come on Knysna, lets show the rest of SA how it should be done.

Sedgefield heap of coinsChick

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