It’s been a long debate but the decision has been taken to make the following information public.

It is highly unlikely that someone would have mistakenly thrown a One Tenth Kruger Rand coin into the help Cent-re bin during the festival on Leisure Isle, but if it was a mistake we are grateful for the error.  The consensus is that it was deposited, with some other coins, to test the integrity of those responsible for the collection of the coins, and the transmission of the money collected to various charities.

The first and most important component of this message is therefore that the coin was found, registered as part of the collection from the festival, and that the value of the coin, some R 1 500.00 was applied to the purchase of materials for the construction and finishing of 4 Big bins and 4 Mini bins.  More bins, more collection points, more income for the charities.

It may also be of interest to those who may be watching the development of the project to know that all the old South African coins, irrespective of denomination, are vetted to ensure that they are not just deposited at face value.  If any are found to have collectors value they will be offered to traders and collectors and the value paid for the coin / coins would accrue to Help Cent-re. Coins with crisp minting have even been polished and presented for sale.  To date none of the old coins collected have been of additional value.  But there is no doubt that some will be found and that the beneficiaries of Help Cent-re will benefit from the sale of those coins to collectors.

Which brings me back to square one.  We appeal, once again, to all those residents of Knysna that have containers of coins, to deposit those coins into one of the available bins. We are extremely grateful for the bin that is now available at Superspar, and trust that bins will soon be available other stores.  But with the 8 bins already placed, see Find a Bin at the top of this page, depositing the coins you have should really not present a challenge.

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