Well we have just banked another R 1 380.00 and paid R 1 000.00 to Epap.  See pictures below. The coins deposited weighed 17.8 kilogram and that prompted me to to extend the following invitation to the residents of Knysna. Why not weigh that container of coins you have at home and then deposit the … [Read more…]

An Amazing Week for Amazing Change

What an incredible surprise to empty the bin at the Sedgefield office of Visitknysna / K&P. The heap of coins and the notes solicited exclamations from the staff and visitors.  When sorted for banking the total was just over R 500.00. Well done to all the residents of Sedgefield.  This puts Knysna to shame. What … [Read more…]


It’s been a long debate but the decision has been taken to make the following information public. It is highly unlikely that someone would have mistakenly thrown a One Tenth Kruger Rand coin into the help Cent-re bin during the festival on Leisure Isle, but if it was a mistake we are grateful for the … [Read more…]


To the owner and managers of Superspar Knysna our sincere gratitude. The bin enabled the residents of Knysna to deposit almost R 400.00 in the first week. Thank you for hosting the bin. Thank you all the Knysna residents that deposited coins in the bin, and a special word of thanks to those who put … [Read more…]