It just gets better and better as the word gets out and more and more people start dropping their coin collections into the Help Cent-re bins. Thanks to all the generous people that went to the Leisure isle Festival, we banked R 698.00 and paid R 700.00 into the Epap feeding project. 124 EPAP PROJECT … [Read more…]

Leisure Isle Generosity

What a weekend. Had the Help Cent-re bin at the Tesla Tower on Leisure Isle, thanks to Baden and Sheena of Sothebys, and here is the result. Collected R 577.00 in two days. Huge thank you for the coins from Ian Flemming, all sorted and bagged and ready for banking, the person that put the … [Read more…]

Happy Donor

When Norma heard about Help Cent-re she could not wait to get to a bin so she drove to my house and delivered her bottle of coins.  So thank you to Norma for her enthusiasm and support.  The coins have already been counted and are ready for banking on Friday. Now she is telling all … [Read more…]


Today we banked the first of the coins collected. R 267.00 Today we paid the first beneficiary.  Epap Childrens Feeding Project Knysna.   2016-11-01   IB PAYMENT TO EPAP PROJECT 464480421  R 250.00- We invite all the Knysna residents to add a few 000 to that amount.  The bins are at Woodmill Lane,  The Turbine … [Read more…]