Amazing “Change” Genesis

The help Cent-re coin collection project was officially started in Knysna on the 22nd of October, with the commissioning of the first Help Cent-re bin in Woodmill Lane.  Our sincere thanks to Anouk Edwards for permission to place the bin, and to Bobbie Erfmann for her support. Sincere thanks to Elmay Bouwer the Chairperson of … [Read more…]

New Help Cent-re Bins in Knysna

Two new Help Cent-re bins have been added to the project in Knysna. The first on Thesen Island West of the entrance to the Turbine Hotel. The second in the Tourism office in the Knysna Mall on the Main Street. Easy access for people in Knysna.   Simply take the coin collections you have at … [Read more…]

Thousands of Jobs for Senior Citizens

If Help Cent-re could get the support of the Post Office, the Banks, and some of the National stores like Checkers, Shoprite, Spar, or Woolworths, or other business owners, and they agreed to host the bins depicted above, Help Cent-re could appoint thousands of Bin Managers. Those bin managers could earn an income, help collect … [Read more…]