Thank you !!!


The money is already available.

Billions of Rand, Euro, Pounds, and US Dollars. 

In South Africa alone the coins, lying dormant in thousands / millions of containers in homes across the country, are worth Billions of Rand, and every year almost R 200 000 000.00 is added to this pool of dormant cash.

Without loss or inconvenience, millions of people can take the coins they have collected and drop them into the bins that have been provided.   

This project, that is aimed at the collection of all the dormant coins, has been launched in Knysna. In the coming months, Help Cent-re bins will be available in shopping malls and at other strategic points across South Africa.


Will you become a part of the action that will CHANGE the world we live in? 

Find the coins you have in your possession. Find a bin and deposit the coins.  Then repeat that action whenever you have coins in your possession. This action will not make you poorer or impact on your financial status.

But if we all do this, the few coins we deposit, that are not even enough to pay for bread or milk, and will never pay for a home, will provide millions of Rand to CHANGE the lives of those who need our compassion the most.

Find the coins.  Find a bin. Deposit the coins.

Chairman; Peter Dijkstra 061 2911 083

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